Nan Hughes
"Jerry is a very knowledgeable trainer. I feel very confident in his care. Jerry is very attentive and watches all of his clients during class to make sure we are executing our exercise movements correctly and safely. I have exercised most of my life and I have found that functional fitness is the way to go. I have gained more balance, strength and energy since I began. Movement for me is so important at this stage of life. As the saying goes “Move it or Lose it” is so important as we all enter into our mature years. I highly recommend functional aging fitness to my family and friends."~ Nan H., 67

"Jerry is an outstanding  instructor. He is always well prepared for his classes. His equipment for the various exercises are always organized. His instructions for each exercise are very clear and concise. He constantly checks to see that his clients are performing the exercise correctly. He is always very respectful and kind in his correction. Functional fitness training is a very beneficial program. It has strengthen my core as well as improved my balance.  Throughout the years I have done many different exercise programs and I find functional fitness training the most rewarding." ~ Renee H.

Dan Baen
"Jerry Simpson is a remarkable, experienced trainer.  He will carry you through a highly intensive, individualized, functional fitness workout in a focused and enthusiastic manner.  After an individualized, strenuous workout that will take you to your personal physical fitness limits, you will shake his hand and thank him for a great workout. I am 66 years old and was having trouble with my physical balance and the ability to get up from a prone position.  Each of these abilities are an indication of longevity.  I will confirm that the results are typical according to your physical condition when joining. I recommend Jerry to my friends or anyone that want positive physical fitness results." ~ Dan B., 66
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